• Ja imam talenat
    Star dance se preko Top Tima uspešno predstavio u popularnom Show serijalu "Ja Imam talenat".
  • Jubilej Star dance
    "Od kuce do skole..."
  • Deca
    Na koncertu Star Dance studija.
  • Koncert u Domu kulture
    Star dance u domu kulture.
  • Title
    Phasellus eget augue ipsum, et egestas enim.


Star Dance Studio

Latest news

Star Dance started with 14th generation of our begginers!

A huge number of new dancers, with high expectations, nervousness and positive energy marked ...

Competitions begin!

Star Dance will start competition season in Kragujevac on March 21st.

Audition for new members

Dance studio "Star Dance" just started audition for new members for the competitive formation.

Star Dance performed Successfully on KPF 2014!

37 dance organizations and over 1800 participants!Dance studio "Star Dance" at Kragujevac dance festival presented a total of 146 competitors

Serb just lited up the world!

Predrag Katanic, in the role of Moderator (official role of program conducting on European and world competitions) presented himself,

We are pleased to announce:

After several days of negotiations, the dance studio "Star Dance" and dance club Domingo last night formalize cooperation on many issues.

Great recognition for Serbia and for Star dance

Russian Dance Federation was officially announced that the program at the European Championships in St. Petersburg will moderate Predrag Katanić! link


Star Dance officially ended the twelfth season!

With Concert on Zlatibor June 25th, we already put an end to a very rough, but also very successful season. A large number of events, competitions we were pleased to archive and we are soon facing a summer of preparation for the up - coming year.


Concert shines in glory!

Star Dance has finished one more of its seasons and it has led 11th generation of contestants into the competition rows. All the beauty of our work has been shown on the concerts in Pozega and Cacak.


Star Dance was great in Kragujevac!

Under the moto "Take a risk, get a attitude, and be responsible," the second dance festival in Kragujevac (KPF 2013) done much more up than expectations.


Star Dance with Neda Ukraden

Top team was proud to finish another video spots. This time we have attracted from Neda Ukraden and her team.


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